Outdoor Ministry Opportunities

Included in this article you will find a series of attachments that relate to outdoor ministries that you support through your mission dollars.  There are events included for both youth and adults.  There are employment opportunities.   Below you will find a brief description of these attachments.  Check it out.  This is YOUR ministry at Westminster Highlands and Lambec.  Without your involvement and promotion of these opportunities to the people of your church and community there is little chance of success.  These are important times for sharing the life transforming message of Christ.


SUMMER PROGRAM BROCHURES for CAPNWP Youth Camps and Family/Adult Events will be distributed to each congregation at the February Presbytery meeting in a packet.  Packets will be mailed to those congregations not attending the meeting.  Each packet includes:


  • 10 Summer Brochures
  • A summer employment pamphlet, “Get More Than Just A Summer Job”  - Summer Job Flyer


      Application for Seasonal Employment    /    Employment Reference


  • A volunteer service pamphlet, “Volunteers Rock the World!” -  Volunteers Rock Flyer
  • Camp Sunday information – how to conduct one and get help
  • Campership information (“camp scholarships”) - Camperships


Larger congregations will receive two or three packets.  Before the end of the month, a pdf of the Summer Brochure will also be available at



SUMMER EMPLOYMENT AND MINISTRY TOO!  Summer ministry employment is available at Camp Lambec and Westminster Highlands for Christians age 17 and older.  Additional information can be found in the Summer Job Flyer , “Get More Than Just A Summer Job.”  A small employment poster is also available.


Pastors, DCE’s and Youth Pastors:  Your help would be greatly appreciated if you could identify, suggest or recommend responsible young adults for summer employment.  Please contact the Camping Association as soon as possible at 724-738-0058 or


VOLUNTEER SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL AGES, ALL YEAR.  Our Presbyterian camp and retreat ministries have a variety of volunteer service opportunities for adults, families and fellowship groups and a plethora of skills (sewing, date entry and carpentry to mention a few).  And, these opportunities are for a day, a week, at camp, at home, and at any time of year too.  Please make the Volunteers Rock print and make it available in your church.



IS YOUR CHURCH HOSTING A CAMP SUNDAY?   Most likely, your first question is “What is a ‘Camp Sunday’?”  In short, it is a day to celebrate and lift-up the value of our Presbyterian camp, retreat and outdoor ministries through CAPNWP at Westminster Highlands and Camp Lambec.  The Camp Sunday sheet provides a variety of activity ideas for the day and some possible resources.



THE LACK OF FUNDS SHOULD NEVER DENY ANYONE THE CHANCE TO GROW IN CHRIST.   Camperships (sometimes called “camp scholarships’) are provided by many congregations and CAPNWP so that those in financial need can uniquely experience God’s Grace at our camps.  Please see the Camperships sheet to learn more.




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